Upcycling Plastic Waste Shirts from PET Bottles in “Run to the Future – 50th Anniversary of the Federation of Thai Industries” Event Reduces Plastic Waste Worth of 24,000 Bottles

PTTGC granted good quality running shirts especially produced for Upcycling Plastic Waste from PET bottles as a means to help reduce waste problems in Thailand for runners in the “Run to the Future 50 Years The Federation of Thai Industries” event, which was held on the occasion of the Federation of Thai Industries’ 50th anniversary. The income generated, without deducting any expense, was donated to ‘Change Thailand with Education Year 2’ project, to serve as a learning model using digital media, enhancing the quality of education and reducing the inequality in human capital development. On this occasion, Khun Pornsak Mongkoltreerat, Executive Vice President - Ethylene Oxide Product, together with executives and staff members of PTTGC, participated in the event on March 11, 2018 at Benchakiti Park, Bangkok. The race was classified into 10 KM Mini Marathon and 3.6 KM Fun Run.

“PTTGC granted running shirts made by Upcycling Plastic Waste project, using PET bottles to process and turn into shirts, whereby 12 PET bottles were used to produce 1 shirt. The Company sponsored 2,000 running shirts, meaning that we could help reduce plastic waste worth of 24,000 bottles”, stated Khun Pornsak.

In this regard, shirts made by Upcycling Plastic Waste project will serve to change people’s mindset in the benefits of creating values from waste, to use resources wisely and sustainably for the viability of our planet. Runners not only have stronger physical and mental health, they also feel contented for taking part in conserving the environment.