GC Unveils the Upcycling, Upstyling project incorporating well-known Thai designers to further improve eco-designs by promoting the sustainable use of resources

GC President Mr. Patiparn Sukorndhaman presided over the ‘Upcyling, Upstyling’ project taking eco-designs to the next level through the use of traditional, recycled and bio-plastics. The project focuses on providing entrepreneurial know-how and developing skills in the design and development of upcycled products, increasing the participating entrepreneurs’ development and knowledge of materials, and pairs them with sought-after designers in different categories.

The team of designers consists of style experts in the following six categories: Industrial Design, Craft & Wood Design, Fashion Design, Material & Jewelry Design, Packaging Design and Architectural Design. Each expert is assigned to mentor a group of entrepreneurs who are chosen among nineteen participating companies from several industries including packaging, fisheries suppliers and producers (fishnets and seines), and medical institutions (hospitals). Each company and agency shares a common purpose – to realize the values and opportunities of reusing and recycling plastic waste by adding value and producing new products through creative design ideas.

As a result, they will extend and create new visions by adding value to waste or recycled materials through a creative and stylish design process producing a variety of products that are exquisite, eco-friendly, and functional under the “Up Waste to Value with WOW! Style” concept while underscoring the ‘Circular Living’ concept. The opening event was held on February 3, 2020 at the Customer Solution Center (CSC), Energy Complex (EnCo) Building A.