GC joins a National Seminar on Thailand’s Industrial Direction in the New Normal – “Bio-Circular Green towards an ASEAN Bio-Hub”

On September 30, 2020, Mr. Patiparn Sukorndhaman, President of GC, was invited to speak at a national seminar on Thailand’s Industrial Direction in the New Normal entitled – “Bio Circular Green (BCG) towards an ASEAN Bio-Hub.” He spoke on “Showcasing Companies that Operate According to BCG Guidelines.” The event was organized by ’77 kaoded,’ a community-based content platform, and BIZCONNEXT business media. Their objective was to convey the Ministry of Industry’s policy in support of the circular economy and raising awareness about the principles of the circular economy to all levels of the business sector, while disseminating knowledge and new technologies that effectively reinforce the circular economy. The event was held at TRUE Digital Park in Bangkok and broadcast on Facebook Live to engage a wide-ranging audience. A variety of speakers were invited to talk about their experiences including Mr. Panuwat Triyangkoonsri, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, and Dr. Wijarn Simachaya, President of Thailand Environment Institute and Secretary General of Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBSCD).

“GC has applied the concept of the Circular Economy in its business operations focusing on sustainability and following business practices to ensure a balance of three sustainable dimensions: the economy, environment and society, or ‘2E1S.’ GC is also promoting recycling and upcycling to ensure that all segments of the company recognize the efficient use of plastic products while gaining the maximum benefits. This is being done by implementing a host of initiatives including the ‘Upcycling the Oceans, Thailand’ project which transforms marine plastic waste into a collection of fashionable products, and which has built valuable partnerships with Thai business operators and designers who together recently held the ‘Upcycling, Upstyling’ project. GC strongly believes in the capabilities of our employees who are working as a team to drive our successful operations from upstream to downstream,” said Mr. Patiparn.