Waste Runner 100 Days Challenge

One Hundred Days… Towards a Future with Less Waste


“Waste Runner” is an initiative under the “Our Khung Bangkachao” project which was established through a social collaboration involving 34 leading Thai organizations from both the public and private sectors and civil society in association with the “Chaipattana” Foundation. Seven working groups were established to assist the project in fulfilling its mandate which includes increasing green areas, water management and managing riverbank erosion, job creation, tourism promotion, child and youth education and development, and the improved communication and administration of waste management and disposal.

In addition, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, or GC, which was assigned to lead the working groups, recently initiated the “Waste Runner” project that aims to offer opportunities to those who want to make a difference by demonstrating their ideas in a competition to build a waste management model for both plastic and organic waste in the community. They have to achieve a visible change at the end of the competition which runs for 100 days and meet three conditions: 1) Impact: Creating a real change that enables effective waste management in the community; 2) Sustainability: Contributing to sustainability that is focused on continuous operations in the community over the long-run; and 3) Community Ownership: Increasing the participation of residents, thereby benefiting the community. The main objectives are to raise awareness leading to a more positive approach among participants on waste issues, build partnerships among all sectors interested in having a real impact on waste management, make use of various types of waste management models and their appropriate applications to different locations, and to have contestants develop waste management models ranging from initial representations to those with a greater range of impacts.

GC Circular Living and PPP Plastic

GC pledged to brainstorm with others to develop waste management models to support the principles of the Circular Economy, promote changes in behavior with respect to waste management, and upcycle waste contributing to an improved understanding of the value of waste and the need for increased participation from all sectors. In addition, Tact Social Consulting Co., Ltd., which is part of the competition’s work team, is organizing activities and building relationships with the community to better support contestants and test their ideas.

We have selected three finalists, each has contributed thoughtful ideas and models that were implemented in the Khung Bangkachao area during the 100 Day Challenge leading to positive changes and an improved Khung Bangkachao community. The three team finalists are:

  • Trash Team: Build a model as a platform to promote integrated waste management and disposal in the community by adding value to trash through the upcycling process.
  • Zero Team: Develop a model to reduce the use of single-use plastics and foam food containers at tourist attractions by creating a network of environmentally-friendly stores.
  • Orgafeed Team: This team took the top prize and was awarded 100,000 baht. Their idea is to develop a “Black soldier fly” farming model to reduce the amount of organic waste. The black soldier fly pupae initially consume the organic waste, and are then used as animal feed protein once fully grown. This model, which reduces the cost of animal feed while also reducing food waste, will be adopted by GC and subsequently implemented in the Khung Bangkachao area resulting in a more sustainable future for everyone in the community.