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is a greater driving force…

As a leading company that provides integrated chemical products to improve people’s quality of life, GC is committed to creating chemical innovations and developing a wide range of innovative products that suit enhanced lifestyles in keeping with our mission: “Chemistry for Better Living.” In addition, we are continuously focused on developing a responsible chemical industry that is trusted and reliable, and which serves as a foundation that plays an integral role in sustainably driving the country’s economic growth in response to the “Circular Living” concept.

The principles of Circular Living, like those of the Circular Economy, emphasize reducing waste and consuming natural resources more efficiently. They reflect the concept of “Protect Us, Protect the Earth,” which means being good to ourselves is an indirect way to conserve resources for future generations.

GC is committed to encouraging everyone to use the Circular Living concept in their daily lives. It’s easy for all of us to do, and the more people do it, the more it increases engagement and collaboration across all sectors of society. This becomes a driving force for communities and all of society to support sustainable growth, along with greater environmental conservation and more sustainable development.

A trend towards collaboration based on the creative intertwining of the basic elements of innovation, technology, local wisdom, and community participation, means greater benefits for all sectors of society.

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for the happiness of all

Although our planet is endowed with abundant and diverse natural resources, they face increasing pressure due to rapid population growth. Humans are the main consumers of natural resources, and our demands are causing their excessive exploitation to produce the things consumers want. This leads to the inefficient use of natural resources. Combined with a lack of awareness and understanding, our world is facing environmental issues including the depletion of natural resources, a waste disposal problem, and climate change that contributes to weather conditions such as excessive temperatures and drought.

To address this growing issue, GC is playing a pivotal role in reducing our impact on natural resources and the environment. In partnership with several sectors, we widely promote the Circular Living concept among people to generate engagement and encourage collaboration. We believe this is an effective approach to:

  • Build understanding and strengthen environmental discipline among people.
  • Reduce the consumption of resources.
  • Create more opportunities to increase income and cut down household expenses.
  • Mitigate the effects of economic, social, and environmental problems.
  • Improve Thai people’s livelihoods and quality of life.