[The Cloud] Eight Chic and Fashionable Items made of Upcycled Plastic by Thai Designers

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, or GC, offered an opportunity to 19 partner companies to join a business development program and to develop creative ideas in collaboration with 10 notable designers to create design works under the ‘Up Waste to Value with Wow! Style’ concept.

Fashionistas should definitely check out the following great ideas that add value to discarded materials and are so cool you’ll be tempted to buy them all. Be a trendsetter by using products made of recycled plastic!


Reuse me I wanna be wrinkled


With a plastic bag, the ‘more often you use the bag, the more you see the creases that form on the bag over time.’ This idea of the creases forming as part of the charm of the bag led to the concept of ‘Reuse Me, I Wanna be Wrinkled.’

Waste generated from used plastic bags at Lawanvisut Plastic Thai Company Limited led to the company becoming a producer of fashionable plastic bags designed by THINKK, which are for practical use in everyday life – plus they look cool when handled or carried. Their extra thickness ensures they are as durable and long-lasting as fabric bags. The color of every bag is different due to how they are made in the production process along with a brightly-colored screen-printing technique, making each bag one of a kind.

Facebook : THINKK Studio

Website: www.thinkkstudio.com


Value of Extinct Animal


Thread made from discarded plastic bottles is woven using PASAYA’s proprietary weaving technique combined with a motif on the bag which was inspired by the story of extinct animals. It was designed by Tar - Rarin Thongma, the brand owner of O&B. The outer side shows trees and wildlife representing prosperity, while the inner side depicts a parched environment with emaciated wild animals. This avant-garde upcycled product conveys the need for serious action in support of environmental management. It’s a bag that truly represents coolness yet elegance when carried.

Website: www.oandb.store


Pierro Panier Plaited Basket


Turn a traditional basket into a cool one made of scraps of PE plastic film by Sunsea Plastics P.S. Company Limited, a producer and distributor of plastic film. Thanks to its elasticity, durability and sun resistance, the plastic scraps are the perfect material to be woven into lightweight and practical shopping baskets designed by Korakot Aromdee. Perfect for the modern and eco-friendly woman.

The next time you need to buy five kilograms of vegetables, don’t forget to bring along this cool ‘panier’ with you to the market.

Website: korakot.net


Yang Yuen Yong


A must have item for believers in magic and mysteries!

This pendant, made of scraps of plastic film by PLASTISSIMO FILM Co., Ltd., a producer of packaging, is based on the ‘Yang Yuen Yong’ concept which means ‘everlasting’ in Thai. The pendant’s design, which includes old-fashioned Thai characters used during the reign of King Rama V, was created by Eak - Sarran Youkongdee, a designer who wanted to convey that the plastic in the pendant will stay side by side with the wearer forever. The belief is that having this as a talisman will contribute to a longer lasting life, like plastic. Get one and feel more protected!

Facebook : SARRAN


Upcycling Wristband


When Ramathibodi Hospital’s RFS, a company with expertise in managing litter, discovered that there were several hundred saline solution bottles discarded daily, they teamed up with a group of designers at PROMPT who turned the discarded objects into colorful wristbands for patients with eye-catching designs and attractive brightly-printed fonts.

Who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll be wearing this wristband made of recycled bottles. It’s worth showing off.

Facebook : Prompt Design

Website: www.prompt-design.com


Weaving The Forgotten Thread



Did you forget anything? Yes, because you probably overlooked the value of plastic. However, this fashionable collection will serve as a constant reminder thanks to designer Ek Thongprasert who tried to recycle plastic strips from the edge cutting process or ‘slits,’ which are leftover laminated film, at Technic Packaging Co., Ltd., a producer of shiny plastic film. Synthetic yarn was formed and mixed with cotton and silk yarns to produce fabric used in the production of creative and exquisite clothing and bags, showing how to add value by turning waste into beautiful and valuable items.

Facebook : Ek Thongprasert


2nd Life 2nd Chance


Let’s give a 2nd chance to villains who you never think about positively. In this case, they are inmates and plastic. Ek Thongprasert didn’t hesitate in proposing his idea to use plastic as part of a traditional sewing technique by prisoners in the zone 3 penitentiary. The respective designs are sewn on to clothing made of GC’s upcycled plastic bottle waste, and show one hand pulling the other demonstrating an offer of assistance to those who fall, serving as a key visual to make the world a better place.

Facebook : Ek Thongprasert


M Wrap – Recycled Boots


Who says those who wear boots don’t look cool? You certainly wouldn’t think so if you see these recycled boots made of leftover food packaging film from MMP Corporation Limited, a food packaging film and stretch film wrap producer.

The leftover waste was converted into a pair of funky looking boots. For this pilot collection, the designer, Tar - Rarin Thongma, opted for daisies as a decorative item which convey the tidy aspects of food packaging film together with the passion of the producer.

Now, it’s time to make wearing a pair of boots more fun and interesting!

Website: www.oandb.store

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