Upcycle Phone Cases to Build a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Pela, an acclaimed producer of eco-friendly smartphone cases from Canada, has launched a new campaign called Pela 360 whose purpose is to lead the way in zero-waste business operations and the Responsibility Economy.

Pela's concept is simple, including making everyday products without everyday waste. Therefore, Pela began to create and produce a variety of collections of phone cases using reusable natural materials as well as materials that are recyclable and biodegradable.

Pela recently took things one step further by taking back their clients' used smartphone cases to be upcycled into new Pela products with Pela 360. Furthermore, Pela expanded by accepting and upcycling plastic smartphone cases from other companies to build a zero-waste lifestyle.

Customers who purchase a Pela case also receive an envelope to send their used Pela case to Pela's Sustainability Studio by mail for further upcycling or recycling. Meanwhile, Pela opened up opportunities for retailers interested in the program in March 2020.

Source: bioplasticsnews.com