Eco-friendly shop welcomes the cool season with upcycled discarded materials

With 2020 now here, many of us are starting to feel the cool breeze marked by celebrations held in numerous locations. This year, several businesses have pledged to organize events that are environmentally friendly. Last weekend, GC set up an eco-friendly shop in line with the GC Circular Living concept at the “333 Years from Versailles to Suan Luang Rama IX” French Style Market which received an overwhelmingly positive response from those in attendance, which included a large number of expats. The transformation of unwanted materials together with bioplastic packaging on display was warmly welcomed.

At the entrance stood a reproduction of the Eiffel Tower, made from BioPBS coated paper cups in the “Becharong (five-colored)” motif, combining the essence of Thainess with the symbol of France.

Within the booth, one corner was arranged to take the perfect selfie and photos. Each composition was made from discarded plastic through the upcycling process which produced new value-added items such as a chandelier made from plastic bottles, stools made from woven coconut leaves which were formed into a “Takraw” ball with recycled polyester fabric made from plastic waste, a “Cloud Floor” chair made from discarded wood plastic composite materials, as well as a mat made from PP plastic coated with recycled paint which includes UV protection making it ideal for use outdoors.

In another corner, wooden crates were packed with French wines – the country’s most popular drink. Empty wine bottles were reused and painted with Thai and French motifs.

Next, another corner displayed products made from used plastic bottles through the upcycling process which were for sale, such as event T-shirts and bags under the Upcycling by GC brand.

Moving along, the last corner had the GC x Rayong community selling local desserts from Rayong province which are rarely (if ever) found in Bangkok. The desserts were served on BioPBS coated trays, and on the wall were Christmas tree decorations made from bioplastic coated packaging. In addition, there was a unique selection of skincare products for sale under the Luffala brand, made by the Luffala Community Enterprise Project.

As usual, all of the materials used to decorate the shop were reused and recycled to ensure their maximum benefit, and none of it became waste, in keeping with the circular theme of this eco-friendly shop.

The highlight of the event was a Christmas tree made from 300 PET bottles through the upcycling process, demonstrating that we are not leaving any residual material as waste. Through innovating thinking, the Christmas tree was created in beautiful and eye-catching colors providing a distinguished look both during the daytime and nighttime. It also underscored the concept of a festive celebration that contributes to waste reduction and reusing discarded materials to produce new products for everyday use.

GC Circular Living Community readers are encouraged to always apply these great ideas to their work and lifestyles.

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