New Ideas from the Top Three Global Online Learning Sites about the Circular Economy that You Don't Want to Miss


  • The GC Circular Living Community, an online community of people who want to help change the world, is aimed at creating a better understanding of the Circular Economy. Today we’d like to recommend Top Three Global Online Learning Sites about the Circular Economy includes the: 1. Learning Hub by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the UK; 2. Circular Economy Club from the US; and
    3. Sitra from Finland. These three can be accessed anytime, anyplace for thinkers and doers who are looking to discover new ideas to adopt in their businesses, society and the environment.

1. New Ideas from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Learning Hub

Click to watch the Circular Economy Learning Hub

Source: The Ellen MacArthur Foundation website

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a non-profit organization in the UK. The foundation was established in 2010 by Dame Ellen MacArthur to build a better understanding of the Circular Economy and accelerate innovation that contributes to environmentally-friendly business practices. The foundation and the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fund recently teamed up to develop a Learning Hub, or an online learning site, that incorporates valuable knowledge about the Circular Economy. The site helps viewers learn about ways to benefit from the Circular Economy including lowering feedstock costs in consumer products by USD 700 million, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 48% by 2030. It also serves as a way to share guidelines in applying the principles of the Circular Economy in several industries including fashion, food, construction and IT, and in creating easy-to-understand content, including podcasts and videos, that better suit the lifestyles of the new generation providing them with a learning platform that is accessible anytime, anyplace.

Dame Ellen MacArthur's TED Talk

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Source: Dame Ellen MacArthur: The surprising thing I learned sailing solo around the world.

2. Discover new partnerships with the Circular Economy Club

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Source: The Circular Economy Club website

The Circular Economy Club, or CEC, is an international network of the Circular Economy. The club was founded by Spaniard Anna Tari, who lives in the US. When she was a student at Boston University, her research on the Circular Economy eventually helped broaden its principles. In 2012, she developed the CEC’s website to serve as an online learning center for the Circular Economy before it was updated in 2015 as a meeting point for over 4,500 experts and organizations from 140 countries to join together in building a no-cost distribution network of Best Practices, project advice and a business database for any agency interested in the Circular Economy. The website provides updates on events about the Circular Economy around the world, and interesting resources such as books, case studies in several sectors including textiles, food and beverages, consumer products and more, along with podcasts covering research, information and activities that relate to the Circular Economy.

Anna Tari received the Ibero-American Youth Award by the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ)
from Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. The award was held by OIJ, an international public organization
in Latin America, given to youth who organize projects that positively contribute to social change.
Source: Circular Economy Club website

3. Access capital through Sintra, a leading supporter of the Circular Economy

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Source: Sitra website

Founded in 2014, Sitra is a social innovation fund based in Finland, one of the world’s most environmentally friendly countries. Sitra empowers Finns by helping them pursue a sustainable and improved quality of life by adopting the principles of the Circular Economy, and raises funds for important social and environmental responsible initiatives. In addition, Sitra supports the development of leaders who want to incorporate the Circular Economy in their organizations, and shares ways to reduce waste, holds seminars for communities, and distributes news, articles, case studies, and interesting project outcomes. In addition, the fund also provides an opportunity for those who are interested in submitting new ideas to request funding for their projects that support the Circular Economy.

Click to see details of projects supported by Sitra

Source: Sitra website

Finally, having a positive social impact doesn’t come easily and isn’t achieved overnight. It requires continued cooperation and unwavering support. In addition, it starts by having the right knowledge, understanding, and discovering new ideas and guidelines which can allow you to start doing things the right way. Follow what’s on these three great online learning sites and share what you learn with those around you.


  1. Ellen Macarthur Foundation 
  2. Circular Economy Club 
  3. Sitra 
  4. Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fund