From principles and practices…to logos that reflect the brand identity of “Upcycling by GC”

Based on the principles of the Circular Economy, GC created the concept of Circular Living to promote the efficient use of resources in all aspects of daily life. We also implemented many highly-admired projects such as the “Upcycling the Oceans, Thailand” initiative that focused on marine conservation in the seas around Thailand by collecting and transforming PET plastic waste into fashionable products.

This led to the launch of our “Upcycling Plastic Waste” project, in which GC transforms PET and PE plastic waste into a variety of products including stylish clothing, furniture, and different types of bags in cooperation with several organizations from both the public and private sectors. We also introduced the “Upcycling by GC” brand to identify items for sale through Sarn Palung Social Enterprise Company Limited.

These two logos were designed to symbolize the combined efforts and cooperation of many sectors to protect the environment. They represent waste disposal and management services, plus the manufacturing of upcycled products for consumers, which together play an important role in contributing to a better and more sustainable world.

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