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Upcycling Our Planet

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“Protect Us, Protect the Earth”

GC’s Approach to the Circular Living Lifestyle

The Circular Economy
The “Circular Economy” is a new way of doing business that reflects the relationship between the environmental impact of overusing natural resources and the processes that make up the product lifecycle. This includes resource selection, product design, the manufacturing process, end use, and waste disposal, as well as recycling. Doing these processes efficiently to reduce waste, and optimizing it by recycling plastic waste back into raw materials, leads to more responsible and sustainable resource management.

GC Circular Living
To the end consumer, the Circular Economy can be seen as a distant and unapproachable industrial practice. To change this perception, GC believes that the concept of “Circular Living” brings the principles of the Circular Economy into our daily lives. Circular Living means taking relevant and flexible individual actions that help each of us to reduce our impact on the planet’s natural resources and extract more value from plastic waste.


Circular Living Project Success

Upcycling the Oceans, Thailand – The First Collection

These products are made from plastic waste found in the sea and along the coast of Rayong with the active support of people in the community who believe in this project and want to keep Thai seas clean and beautiful. We joined together to collect plastic waste, including discarded bottles and bags, to upcycle them in order to give them a new life as raw materials. Through our creativity and originality, we then produced the first fashionable collection under the “Upcycling the Oceans, Thailand” project.

Plastic waste found in the sea and on the coastlines of Rayong was value added to produce a collection of cool t-shirts as the 1st collection under the ‘Upcycling the Oceans, Thailand’ project. That received an overwhelming feedback and has sold out within minutes of time.

Backpacks in bright colors was produced through an innovative production in which plastic waste is value added and transformed into…the 1st collection of fashionable products under the ‘Upcycling the Oceans, Thailand’ project that has sold out within minutes of time.

02 APRIL 2018

Circular Living Symposium

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GC Circular Living Project

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